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Not YourStay Dot Com

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A strong caution about renting from Yourstay-WooGo

A business which provides Lodging in London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Washington.

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Why This Site?

Due to various web travel sites and usenet groups, six individuals who rented lodging from YourStay Dot Com found they had similar very disappointing experiences.

The development of this site, which began in August of 2003, is the result of those contacts and the desire to warn other travelers about lodging offered by YourStay, known also as London Vacation Apartments Limited, Sun Apartments, and Elite Apartments.

After the notyourstay.0catch.com web site appeared, the contributors received many comments from others who also had a less than favorable experience with YourStay.  The full text of some of these accounts are posted - with the author's permission - and can be found at this link.

The narratives which follow are several of the original postings to this site.

After investigating various lodging options in London, I placed a down payment for a three bedroom unit which was offered by YourStay dot com.    The reservation was for a weeks rental during the spring.

There were four reasons for selecting the lodging offered by the Yourstay web site; the London location, three bedrooms, available parking, and swimming pool/hot tub.    We looked for a pool/hot tub specifically for an individual in our group who suffers from arthritis.

As it turned out, there was no parking available at or near our lodging, those renting (as opposed to leasing) apartments were not allowed access to the pool, and the unit had only two bedrooms.   With one bedroom being so small as to hold only a single narrow bed.    And although the London location was favorable, even this was misrepresented by the YourStay web site.

Also, since I was unable to find any nearby parking, I had to cancel a car rental and pay a rather high late cancellation fee.

Although disappointment with the lodging would have been a major understatement, because of the location we agreed to try and make do with the apartment.  And since at that time I was unaware of the YourStay total lack of business ethics as well as their complete disregard for customers, I believed we could receive a price adjustment which would reflect the actual circumstances of the rental.  As it turned out, it was all I could do so as not to be further overcharged for the lodging.   It was bad enough paying a four star price for two star accommodations without then paying additional false charges.

You can compare the web site description of the rental apartment: www.yourstay.com/london/LONWSCH3.html -- features which were also confirmed in email replies -- with the actual circumstances as described below.   It should also be noted that the apartment pictures on the YourStay web site were of no resemblance to the actual apartment, or to the yard sale furniture which was in that unit.

Web Site Actual
"Three Bedrooms which sleep 8."

Two Bedrooms which sleep 3.   One in our group slept on the sofa in the living room, another on a mattress in the apartment entryway.

"Underground car parking is available at extra charge."

There is never parking available for those renting a unit.

"24 hour reception and secured entrance by magnetic cards."

Renters are not provided with mag cards, and must wait for the receptionist to key open door.   One evening this required a wait of 20 minutes as the receptionist was busy elsewhere in the building.   Another time we waited 15 minutes.

"Gymnasium" "Swimming pool"

These facilities are never available for YourStay renters.   For use only by residents leasing an apartment in the building.

"Unit is serviced during the week."

The unit was serviced only after repeated calls to the London Yourstay office.   And the 'cleaning' was done on the day before our departure.


Technically correct.   Although we could not get the appliance to operate.   We located a building maintenance man who was nice enough to attempt to assist us.   He believed the machine was not installed correctly, and most likely had never been in use.

"TV with cable/Satelite"

TV with rabbit ears antenna and 4 channel reception.

The YourStay web site URL as noted above recently changed some of the listed features so that the text "(subject to availability)" was added.   Although that site continues to specify three bedrooms and available parking.   Both of which are entirely incorrect.

We had a horrible experience with yourstay.com. Please stay away from them.

I traveled to London in March for 3 weeks with my sister and her 3 kids (we live in California).    We booked a 3 bedroom apartment through yourstay several months in advance.    I confirmed 2 days before departure and received an email saying everything we confirmed. When we arrived at the designated hotel to pick up our keys a rep from youstay calls us to let us know we need to go to a different hotel and that we actually have a 2 bedroom apartment, we would need to pay more for the 3 bedroom we already had confirmed!    It was outrageous!   

The kids were exhausted so we went to the apartment while we figured out what to do. We stayed there for no more than 2 hours and found a great apartment in Mayfair.   I called YourStay to let them know we were leaving and demanding a full refund (the US$3500 had been charged to my card 28 days in advance - I was too trusting, but had never had a problem renting apartments for vacation in the past).   Raz (owner?) was extremely rude and hostile and said there was no way we would get a refund because they could have rented the apartment in the 2 hours we were there (?!). I asked for his office location and he refused.   We tried repeatedly and got nowhere.   The London tourism board informed me there was nothing they could do because yourstay is not licensed with them.

My sister in law was traveling with her family at the same time. Her apartment was 2 days late (they put them up in a hotel). When it was finally ready it was filthy (they have video).  They refused to stay and also lost their US$1500.

Just wanted to let everyone know, that other complaints are not an isolated case....

A warning to those of you considering Yourstay.com for booking short stay apartments in London or Paris. DON'T!!

While the website looks impressive, this company comes close to running a "scam" operation.   Deposits and 100% of the fees are taken from you (the customer) in advance.   They don't deliver on their promises....and instead of being a well run company, one discovers they are operating out of a residence!!

Upon arrival recently in London our large family group of 11 people was told our reserved (and paid for) apartments were mysteriously "not available" and we were moved from a central London location to the outer suburbs of London.   We were sent to very inconvenient, dirty, apartments with no easy access to transportation.   We wasted countless hours trying to get in and out of London.

To add insult to injury, THEY NEVER MADE OUR PARIS reservations (but they did take our money!!)....so there we were, 11 people, heading to Paris in 3 days with no apartments in which to stay.

We took matters into our own hands and found a Citadines (great place) in Paris with enough apartments for our group.   But the whole situation with Yourstay.com was horrific.

Yourstay.com turned our family dream vacation into a nightmare.   A word to the wise, don't be fooled by a slick website...it may be run by someone equally "slick".

Don't Stay...with Your Stay (aka London Vacation Rentals).

Are you considering legal action against Yourstay?  If so, we may be able to help.  Please contact notyourstay at the email address noted below.

This web site continues to receive emails from those who rented lodging from Yourstay.
Many of these messages may be reviewed by selecting this link.

Were you or your party defrauded by Yourstay?

Please contact notyourstay using our email address,

London authorities are collecting reports on the questionable practices of Yourstay.

Considering legal action against Yourstay?  If so, we may be able to help.
Please contact notyourstay at the email address noted above.

To read additional YourStay observations please see: Travelsucks.COM

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Leave the Country selection blank.
The Message Thread then appears in the frame on the left,
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Mr. Ed Perkins, a writer for the excellent travel site, Smarter Travel , addresses rental
problems in a recent column.  Please click here to read his comments.

Citizens of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth are encouraged to document
their Yourstay experience online at the BBC WatchDog Web site.

Contacting Yourstay

The YourStay Business Model

Pariserve is YourstayParis!

The caution about Pariserve has been removed.   It appears that the Paris lodging business no longer
has any affiliation with Yourstay Paris.

"I am the manager of Pariserve, and I would ask you to remove your comment about the website.
We used to provide apartments for yourstay in Paris.  But we are not doing this any longer.
We are about to sue them for fraud."

This message was verified as being sent by the manager of Pariserve.

A caution received by notyourstay email on 7-April-2004:

" Prospective customers of "yourstay.com" to Dubai Marina should beware.
These appartments are for residential occupancy only
and moves are afoot to eject yourstay tourists. "

During October 2004 we received notice that the Dubai Marina was no longer
accepting any rental business with Yourstay.

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