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The   YourStay   Business   Model

(1) Lease apartments in desirable locations.

(2) Move in a minimal amount of cheap furniture.

(3) Design a web page which describes the apartments inaccurately,
     specifically in terms of the number of bedrooms and number of
     individuals who can be accommodated.   Include pictures of a
     well furnished apartments -- although such images are not from
     any of your units.

(4) Pay a premium so that popular search engines list your
     business at the top of all search results.

(5) Agree to any renter requests before their arrival.

(6) Use every reservation as an opportunity for a bait and switch.

(7) Blame all renter complaints on the management of the building.

(8) Do not pay the lease on the apartments that have been acquired
     and are being rented.

(9) Use a variety of questionable corporations to move money around
      in an attempt to avoid both creditors and legal obligations.

(10) Ignore the laws you do not like.  Such as those which require that a
       business address appear on your web site. 


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