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Web site information:

Site stats.  As of June 2005:

The current three month average - number of non-repeat site contacts:
Per Month:  390
Per Week :   97

Number of email messages we have received to date from individuals victimized by Yourstay:  104
Number of received messages which are currently included on the notyourstay web site:  27
Number of messsages which thanked notyourstay for encouraging the reader to reconsider their lodging options: 43
Number of received messages which praised their Yourstay rental experience:  1
(Which could not be verified due to a bogus email address).

Web design:

Those who developed and who currently supports this web site had no prior background in web development or in web design.  We recognize that much of this site is somewhat rudimentary, and we are continuing to work to improve our design skills as well as add additional content to the site.

Did the notyourstay web site save you from a holiday rental disaster?

Or perhaps you are you just feeling benevolent.  If so, please consider helping us with the fee which pays for the availability of this site.  Any amount is appreciated and contributors deal directly with the service provider -- so there is no question as to the use of your assistance.  Please contact  biz@0catch.com  and let them know that you would like to help support the site fee for notyourstay.  And for such support we most sincerely thank you.