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  YourStay   Comments

Remarks from customers of YourStay Dot Com.

"Yourstay.com turned our family dream vacation into a nightmare."

"I know what it feels like to have your holiday is shambles after months of planning."

"Yourstay has a very nice website which looks nothing like their actual accommodations."

"We have just had a nightmare with yourstay.com."


"As a last resort, we contacted the US Embassy in London regarding the situation ..."

"It was filthy.   My sister ... refused to stay and also lost their US$1500."

"... dishonest business method that even the lowest American used car dealer would
  be ashamed to use."

"After three days of putting up with the rude staff at Yourstay I left in disgust.
  I was told since I had cancelled without the required two week notification, a
  policy which is noted nowhere in their documentation, I was to forfeit the
  entire rental charge."

"I am the manager of one of the buildings Raz Ofer markets as four star hotel
  accommodation.  We do not have the pool, gymnasium, and room service
  as suggested on his website."

"Not yet satisfied with ruining our holiday, yourstay.com entered a bogus 1,100
  charge against my VISA."

"They should be called You'llBeSorry.Con. "

"The London tourism board informed me there was nothing they could do because
  yourstay is not licensed with them."

"I was unaware of the YourStay total lack of business ethics as well as their
  complete disregard for customers ..."

"After repeatedly asking for check in instructions for this new apt.
  they would only tell me that "someone" would be there waiting for me.
  Of course, there was no one there when I arrived ..."

"It was bad enough paying a four star price for two star accommodations ..."

"... the condition of the apartment was pitiful."

"The replacement apartment was filthy - dirt everywhere, semen stains on
  the sheets, excrement smeared around a non-flushing toilet."

"I was told by the manager that six people had slept comfortably in there
  last week.  I asked him to come over and show me how they could do this."

"... we arrive at apartment... and discover the room is not only filthy,
  but missing most of the furniture. "

"That night I contact YourStay.com again... and tell them this is not acceptable.
  We will not be staying in that pig sty."

" ... this company comes close to running a "scam" operation."

"Raz ... laughed off the issues of my concerns over the apartment, and acted like
  a complete ass."

" I just received my AMEX bill only to find that we were charged for the entire week
  by Kensington Park Apartments for an apartment we spent less than an hour in."

"I was so glad to find that there were some hotel owners in the area who were kind,
  open minded and willing to help--just the complete opposite of yourstay.com."

"We were pretty upset with the whole experience and upon our return I decided
  to do some research on the internet to find out what I could about yourstay.com.
  Wow!   What awful experiences other people had - it made us feel like we got
  the red carpet treatment!!"

"Yourstay.com has failed to refund us for the stay in London, which we feel
  should be refunded as they moved us out of central London to a dirty apartment
  and caused my parents (who are deathly afraid of "the tube") to have to ride in
  public transportation rather than be within walking distance."


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