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  Contacting   Yourstay

So far as we have been able to determine there is no specific postal address for Yourstay.   Although the following contact information should be helpful in reaching those who control that business.

   Yourstay Offices
   Lasenby House, 32 Kingly Street
   London W1B 5QQ

   Sun Apartments
   114 Langbourne Place
   London, E14 3WW

   Raz Ofer can be reached at: 07776 302 847
   and: 020 7702 3875

   Ron can be reached at: 07766 252 816

   Another Number we have received is: 44 20 7043 4145

" I worked for Yourstay before I understood the true nature of their operations.   I was appalled to find out how they ran [this business].   Double booking, last minute changes, no adequate cleaning procedures, and false promises of facilities and locations, were all part of the daily business.   I left as soon as I was able to.   I am glad that something has been set up to warn potential visitors against using Yourstay - I warned Raz and Mike constantly that this would eventually happen, but they just laughed. "


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