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The experience of others with Yourstay Lodging.

From unsolicited emails received by NotYourstay.

And posted here with the permission of the author.

The following YourStay comment was received by email on 21-May-2005

What a horrible company.

We booked an apartment in London and paid via credit card for the deposit and arranged a taxi to pick us up from the airport.

Right from the start they did not pick us up on time or even close, we waited for someone to come and they were very late, then they notified us that we needed to go to the office at midnight to finalize the payment.  We did that and then they dropped us off at the apartment.

As soon as we arrived we knew this was not what we ordered and booked.  They just dropped us off at the front door and we had to pick up the keys in some coded box on the door.  The apartment was 100% wrong,. It was small, very noisy, not supplied as stated with no sufficient closets for our clothes, our bags or even our shoes.  The bed was broken and very small with an extra old beds put in the kitchen.

We have taken pictures and have all the emails, documentation, and measurements of the apartment and correspondence between us and yourstay.com.

They charged us WAY to much too! Yourstay.com charged us 2 separate deposits on 2 different credit cards, with a further huge charge to our last credit card.

We arrived and called the customer service line and they said that nobody was there and that yourstay.com would call us back in the morning.  We stated that we did not want to stay there but they insisted that we would be moved or helped the following day and credited and or "taken care of".

We did not receive any calls, and called yourstay.com 4-6 times per day until the Wednesday May 4th, 2005.  When we decided that yourstay.com were just giving us the run around for those days. We left and told yourstay.com that we were gone and then magically they called us back that night when we left to an excellent place called (name of business) .

Yourstay.com call me and stated that they would credit me the money in future stays but that they would not refund. I stated that I was bait and switched and that they deceived more then just me. I looked around online and called some competition.

What I found out was certainly disheartening to say the least.  Yourstay.com have been sued MULTIPLE times in London by many old business associates.  All of the lawsuits have been lost by Yourstay.com and they basically go bankrupt and change names and continue scamming people.

Yourstay.com has since taken their website down and have most likely changed the name of the company. 
(The recent legal judgment in London required Yourstay to cease business on the web.   Yourstay continues their web site promotion in North America and in other areas of Europe.)

We have planned this trip for a long time and have completely been taken. Imagine you going thousands of miles away and then being dumped off at the wrong place, ruining your stay, and also taking alot of your money.

We have contacted the visa credit card and they will dispute the charges for us.
It is unfortunate that in the nearly two years this web site have been available there have been no changes in the business practices of Yourstay.

The following YourStay comment was received by email on 17-March-2005
I unknowingly rented from Yourstay under another of their many business names. I believe that travelers are now aware of the reputation of Yourstay, forcing that company to come up with new business names in order to continue to rip off their customers.

The rental was for two weeks during Christmas and New Years, a time when London apartments and hotels are quite often filled.

When I first saw the apartment I knew we had been ripped off, and I called their rental office.  We were then offered "much better" lodging that was only a "short distance" from our present location.  I asked for the post code of this lodging, but the reply continued to be how a short ride on the underground would get us to that location.  I kept interrupting with, "the post code please".  The guy finally admitted the lodging was not nearby (as I suspected).  And was in fact located where it would have required at least an hour and a half to reach central London.

I told him we were leaving, and that I expected a full refund of our deposit.  I hung up during his screaming rant about how stupid I was, that they would not refund my payment, and that we would never find lodging in London at this time of year.

We walked several blocks to a [coffee shop], where I borrowed a phone book and found the local number for [my credit card].  I called and told them we had refused the lodging.  I provided the circumstances, answered their questions, and told the representative that I had also demanded from Yourstay a refund of our down payment.
The girl who served us at [coffee shop] directed me to an Internet Cafe that was only a five minute walk.  I left the others with their coffee and scones, and found the Internet place.

After 10 minutes of web searching I left with lodging descriptions of six possible apartments.  On my third call I found what we needed, and we arrived there after a 10 minute taxi ride.

When we were settled I again called [credit card] and told them we had relocated, and provided the phone number where we could now be reached.  They [credit card] not only refused to allow Yourstay to post additional charges to my card, but later they made sure that I received a refund of the down payment.

People, don't allow yourself to victims of these scams.  With a little effort you can always find acceptable lodging. Even if, like us, you have to do this on the date of your arrival and during a busy travel time.  And always place your lodging deposit on a credit card, and never by money order or personal check.

Although it worked out for us, I still wish I had found your web site before we left on our trip.

The comments of the author demonstrate how one renter refused to be victimized.  And this posting offers some very good advice about how to handle such a situation. 

The following YourStay comment was received by email on 24-February-2005

We paid more for this apartment than anywhere else in the world.  When we called, their "reception" (turned out to be a guy with a mobile in a downstairs room) wasn't open yet. When he did open, he gave us a room with two beds but the kids' bed had one pillow and no blankets for two of them.  Another pillow eventually turned up but no blankets - the kids had to sleep under their coats - this for $400 per night!  Definitely the worst place we have stayed anywhere.  When we complained, reception was shut again!  I emailed head office and they offered a discount against our next stay.  As if we would stay with them again!!

The following YourStay comment was received by e-mail on 10-February-2005:

I am happy to add my experience with "Yourstay" as a caution to fellow travelers.  I booked an apartment in London from Yourstay webpages which contained the full lodging description.  I charged this rental on my American Express.  After hearing nothing from them confirming my reservation, and then getting a song and dance that they kept emailing me but I just never received it (7 times!), I requested they fax my lodging confirmation to me.  They agreed, but never did.  When I threatened to cancel the reservation and have American Express reverse the charges, Yourstay emailed me information about totally different lodging, and in different location.  When I complained, they told me I was wrong and this was what I had reserved.  Yourstay said they would refund my money, but instead they twice charged me for the deposit and only credited back one of those charges.  Every time I called them they would scream at me for being dishonest.  I finally had to send American Express all my documentation, and enlist their help in getting the correct credit.  Which took an additional 4 months to straighten out.

The following YourStay comment was received by e-mail on 26-January-2005:
Although we found this web site too late to save our vacation, we have promoted the site to a number of colleagues who work with my husband.   And in such we were successful in preventing additional Yourstay disasters.   The travel offices in the husband's business are also now informed about the conduct of Yourstay.

For the most part, our Yourstay experience was almost exactly the same as reported by others.

The lodging that was of no similarity to that described on the web site.  (Attention Yourstay: Did you have to pay for the web pictures of accommodations you do not have? Or did you 'borrow' these from legitimate rental businesses?)

Extremely rude phone representatives regarded our calls as serious interruptions to their work.   Actually, calling the Yourstay representatives rude or discourteous makes them sound more polite than is their actual practice.

Very few utensils in the kitchen along with stove burners which barely functioned. Nonexistent housekeeping, no towels and not nearly enough bedding.   And missing a bedroom.  (Attention Yourstay: A small living room is not a bedroom, although I suppose you will not be correcting this error on your unbelievably inaccurate web site.)

A phone which did not work.  The Building Manager believed the phone had been disconnected for non-payment of the bill.

A cable tv service with 50 channels was a small television which received three stations.

No cleaning service.  None.   (Attention Yourstay: At least include a broom with your rentals.   Considering the amount of money you are ripping off from your customers, the cost of a few brooms should be on little consequence.)

The feature 'Sleeping for six' was actually , 'Sleeping for three'. (Attention Yourstay: Floor space should not be included when determining the number of people who could comfortably sleep in one of your apartments.)

Not only that, but this 'five star' lodging featured such amenities as, a broken mirror in the bathroom, tiles missing from kitchen and bathroom floors, a shower which could produce only a small stream of mostly cold water, broken and filthy yard sale furniture in the living room, rips in the carpeting, a refrigerator which had evidently been out of service for quite some time, and a toilet which could not be flushed.   All of these extras for a five star price.

If you decided that you have to rent with Yourstay:
- Remember to subtract half from their reported 'Sleeps (x) number'.
- Bring your own towels and bedding.
- Bring your own cleaning supplies.
- Bring your own eating and cooking utensils.
- And for whatever reason, don't waste your time calling the Yourstay office.
  They do not care.

The situation as described in this message are common with the Yourstay business. † And such is a frequent theme in messages received by this site.

The following YourStay comment was received by e-mail on 12-January-2005:

This was not a nice experience my husband and myself had to deal with.   After a 15 hour plane trip, we arrive at the lodging and discovered that they just happened to give our reserved room away to someone else.   We had to wait for the so called manager to arrive and try and sort out a room for us.   By this time several hours had passed and it was midnight, and we are still waiting for a room.   My brother had provided us with transportation, but did not want to leave until he was sure we had a place to stay.   He had to drive from L.A. to Arcadia, which is no picnic in L.A. traffic, even that late at night.   The manager, who finally arrived, was very rude when my brother mentioned that he would like to leave -- if the manager could assure us that a room had been located.   When I told the manager that there was no reason for him to be verbally abusive in response to a simple question, the manager said that I needed to be put in my place.   That was classic customer service!

After we finally had a room assigned us, the manager then had the audacity to tell us this was temporary, and we should be prepared to be out by 10:00am in the morning!   Sorry, musical rooms was not what we signed the contract for.   We had tons of things to do, both for our business and plans on seeing friends and family.   And our schedule was very tight.

To make matters worse, I was up until 4:00am cleaning the place!  The bathroom was a disgusting mess.   When I awoke in the morning, I called the front desk and this manager, who was not with Yourstay, was super sweet and helped out a lot.   I proceeded to clean the rest of the unit when we found out it was going to be ours for the rest of our stay.   Yourstay should have better management.   And much better maid service.

Waiting hours for a room during an evening check-in has often been reported.   And which suggests that Yourstay is most  probably saving on an apartment lease when a check-in can be delayed until after midnight.   With any Yourstay rental it is always a good idea to bring along your own cleaning supplies.

The following YourStay comment was received by e-mail on 29-December-2004:

I have NOTHING positive to say about our stay at Yourstay Central park.  We encountered a string of disappointments.  We were promised a large one-bedroom apartment with a queen or king size bed . . . but we received a TINY room with a full-sized bed.  I would say that this company is not far from being fraudulent.  I complained to the London office, but they denied all claims.  The New York property manager (David Liebovitz) is a fraud.  He claimed the unit was 650 square feet, but by my measurements it was well under 450 square feet.  The "free" internet access wasn't working, nor was the cable TV. I was asked by the the property manager to call the internet company myself to sort out the problem, and was surprised to learn that internet service had been recently suspended due to "non-payment".   We had no internet or cable TV. I really needed internet access . . . in order to find another hotel for my family.  Be careful with this property!

The circumstances described above are standard in the Yourstay business. † Both in advertising features they do not have and in failure to pay their bills so that a listed service can be available. This is a frequent theme in messages received by this site.

The following YourStay comment was received by e-mail on 18-December-2004:

After a very positive experience with Domus International in Rome (where Isla and Stefano treated us wonderfully and the apartment was a pleasure), we tried Yourstay Dubai from whom we rented a 2 bedroom apartment.   That experience was negative from the start.   Communications were very poor; key pickup was difficult; and the apartment was a failure.   It was not really a 2 BR apartment, since one "BR" was really a small alcove and not a separate room.   The WC was small and not clean; the kitchen poorly equipped.   Shortly after arrival the power failed.   The building concierge said that this was common.   Due to the absent power, and waiting for a YourStay representative who never showed up, we finally left and checked into a hotel.   I asked Yourstay for a refund but they refused to pay back.

The following YourStay comment was received by email on 20-November-2004:

Your stay is a FRAUDULENT operation!!  I worked hard to plan a vacation for my family including 2 children.  I specifically inquired about the room sq. footage and picked this lousy place based on the quoted size and false description on their website.  Someone named Mariam told me the room was 650 sq ft when in actuality it was at most 350.  We could not get online to find another hotel because the phone was NOT HOOKED UP!  The only positive aspect of this place was the location.  The "kitchen" was a joke.  The towels smelled foul.  The doorman wanted to charge us for holding our bags for a few hours.  The photos on the website are truly misleading.  [Yourstay] should be ashamed of yourselves for false advertising and lying!  Do not ruin your trip by staying here.  Any complaints fall on deaf ears.  The Yourstay business will not survive if you keep cheating people.

The following YourStay comment was received by e-mail on 23-October-2004:

Staying in apartments are great for families, and we have successfully done so with a number of agencies throughout europe--however I had a very bad experience with yourstay.com in Paris recently.  I booked an apartment in Paris for 2 nights online with yourstay.com and received confirmation and instructions on how to pick up the key from their office.  When we arrived at their office address in Paris, we were informed that their office had MOVED and also that the apartment was no longer available due to needed repairs.  Luckily we were able to get help to locate a hotel from Paris Serve booking agency which happened to be located nearby--but then to add insult to injury I discovered that yourstay.com had charged my credit card for the apartment that we were never provided with!!  After a number of phone calls after I returned from Europe I was able to get this charge reversed--but what an unpleasant experience!!!   Beware of yourstay.com!!!

The following YourStay comment was received by e-mail on 14-August-2004:

I would just like to say that we did book an apartment through London Apartments, Ltd. (Yourstay) for eight nights.   And although we booked a flat in a place called Hyde Park, the booking was changed they said "for our benefit" to lodging called Devonport Apartments.

I have to say that it was the worst apartment I have ever seen in my life.   Not only had the bedding most obviously not been washed but the mattresses and sheets had mildew growing on them.   The furniture in the lounge was absolutely filthy and disgraceful, it honestly looked like it had been furnished from a junk shop.

And to make matters worse we had 2 small children with us, and the lift had notices cautioning that vice and prostitution would not be tolerated on the premises.   Although I now question if such was posted in an effort only to appease the authorities.

After trying this place for several days, in total disgust we gave up and left.   And as you may well have predicted, never received any refund (apparently the Yourstay company said they had already paid the client up front and we would need to deal with him direct.   But Yourstay could not provide us with any identification about this "client".)

So there you go, an absolutely wonderful time in London one which we will definitely never forget!

The following YourStay comment was received by e-mail on 20-June-2004:

YourStay.com Warning  Warning....do not I repeat do not utilize Yourstay.com unless you are prepared for YourDisaster.com.

I recently reserved a Yourstay unit in London.    Upon arrival at the unit at 1 PM, I was shocked to discover that a terrible smoke/burn smell was present throughout a unit which was badly in need of maintenance.    I immediately called the Yourstay.com office and informed that I was not able to stay in the unit, and to please move me to any other unit.    Having not received a call back, I again phoned at 4:30 PM and was told that no units were available anywhere in London.    I informed them that I would find a hotel and wanted my credit card credited the $800.

No refund and blatantly dishonest communications.     Yourstay.com is DISASTERSTAY.COM

The following YourStay comment was received by e-mail on 12-June-2004:
I booked a room with YourStay and it was also a disaster.   I arrived and they let me into the most awful apartment, one that they had promised me would be "luxurious" and five star standard.   It was almost barren of furniture and had what looked like home made furniture!   The mattress on the bed was exposed!

I called them and complained very bitterly and they said they would move me.   I got the feeling though it was all nonsense and they had no intention to move me.   I was right because the next day I called again and they hadn't "found" anywhere that was free to put me into.   Absolute rubbish!   So I moved with another very good company, [name of lodging business], and I rang Yourstay and threatened legal action and they refunded me immediately!

It looks like I was lucky!   I can be very persistent though!   I was pretty rude, called them a bunch of con men and so forth on the phone.   I knew I had been scammed.   I am happy to give any sort of evidence you need....for other people that suffer at their hands my advice is to cancel the credit card payment immediately.   The bank will do this in most cases.   No problem.   I want to see these guys really suffer back (jail for fraud would be a nice start)!
The author of this message was provided with information on how to contact the London authorities who are now in the process of investigating the Yourstay business.

The following YourStay comment was received by e-mail on 15-May-2004:

I am writing to you to detail the horrendous experience my family (wife and two children ages 12 and 9) and I had from a sublet from Yourstay.com from April 2, 2004 until April 9, 2004.   

We decided to rent an apartment from Yourstay after having read information about positive experiences readers described to the editor of www.msnbc.comís travel section, as well as after looking at the choice of apartments in the Docklands.     We rented the apartment coded as LONDKOW1.   The website for this apartment is http://www.yourstay.com/london/LONDKOW1.html.   After perusing the site and the photographs provided, it appeared to be a well-maintained, immaculate apartment.   Additionally, taking a one bedroom apartment was certainly an appealing alternative to a cramped hotel room for our family.    Lastly, the price of £650 for the week was a good value.  Based on what we saw, we were looking forward to our stay.

However, the reality hit us when we arrived at apartment 132 at Odyssey Wharf, 60 Westferry Road, on April 2, 2004.    We were disgusted.   The carpeting and walls were stained.   There were holes in the walls.   The apartment had a stench of smoke.   Furthermore, the kitchen, which appeared to be generously sized and state-of-the-art in the photos, was miniscule and dated-looking.

After looking around at the apartment, we contacted the Yourstay office and spoke to [name].    At first we thought this might have been an error.  We told her about the horrible condition of the apartment, and she informed us that there was nothing that could be done; after all, this was the apartment we paid for and this was now our problem.  When we asked on several occasions to speak to her boss, we were told that this person she was unavailable and that she would contact us later in the day.

We made numerous calls to yourstay.comís office, to speak with [the manager].    She never returned any of our calls.    We called the office one last time, and again we spoke to [name].   We asked her to cancel the apartment, and have our money refunded to us.   Yourstay agreed to both of these requests, so we proceeded to book a hotel room.

We called the office one last time to ask her where to leave the keys, and to confirm that we would be receiving a refund.    She changed her story and told us that despite our canceling the lease, we would not receive any refund whatsoever.   My family and I were put into a difficult situation outside of our home county.   Because we could not afford both a hotel room and the apartment, we had no choice but to remain in the apartment, in spite of the squalor.   For our troubles, yourstay.com gave us a £50 credit for our stay.

On Sunday morning April 4, 2004, my wife awoke and informed me that there was no electricity in the apartment, nor was there any hot water.   However, there was electricity in the hallways and in the apartment of my upstairs neighbor.    I found the fuse box in the apartment, recharged the fuses, and concluded that there was no electricity coming in to the circuits.    We again contacted the Yourstay office.   She told us that the maintenance manager would be arriving shortly.   The maintenance manager came to the apartment to try to ďsort things out,Ē as did a maintenance man who concluded that the electricity was definitely turned off, most likely as a result of Yourstay not having paid the bill.

Again we called yourstay.comís office and asked to speak to the manager.    We were told that the manager was not in and could not be    reached. We told [name] of the urgency of the situation and begged her to find [the manager].   She refused to be of any help.   At this point, we concluded that we had been deceived by this company.    We began to wonder whether this was a legitimate operation.

Later we spoke to [the manager], who again told us that the company was trying to ďsort things out,Ē and that we should be free to spend the day doing whatever we wanted to, and that the issue should be resolved that evening.   However, we told her that if the electricity was still out on our return, then we would have to spend the entire evening in the dark.   Because of our being inconvenienced, we asked for a credit for that day.   We were denied this request.

My wife then called Yourstay, urging her to find [the manager] and do something to help us in this situation.    [name] refused to do anything and proceeded to hang up on her.   We then called the police, as a last resort, and they refused to get involved telling us that this was not their problem.

About one hour later, yourstay.comís office contacted us and told us that we were to be moved for the remainder of our stay to an apartment in Haymarket.    After the horrid experience we had with this company thus far, you can understand how mistrustful we were when we were told that the new apartment was of superior quality.   However, we had no choice but to move out and hope for the best.    We were glad to have the Docklands situation behind us.

On Monday morning April 5, 2004, (at about 9:30 am), we contacted yourstay.comís office to inform them that the washing machine was not functioning.    We were promised that someone would repair it that day.   We returned to the apartment that evening, and a note was left on our door, requesting that we contact the office.   We assumed that our being asked to contact the company had something to do with the washing machine.

We called the office and again spoke to [name].    She told us that we would have to move back to the Docklands apartment, as the entire situation there was ďsorted out.Ē    To us, that meant that they paid their electric bill.     We told her that we were promised that we would not have to move again.   She denied ever having said this.   She told us that if we did not move out that evening, the locks on the apartment would be changed while we were out.   However, it was already past 9:00 in the evening.    My children, ages 9 and 12, were tired and eager to go to sleep.   Additionally, they were very scared when they heard the discussions that were ensuing.    We also told Joanna that we had expensive, non-refundable tickets for a rail trip to Bath and would not be returning to London until almost 11 pm on April 6.   If yourstay.com would refund us for the rail tickets, we would be willing to move back the next morning.    Yourstay refused to do anything to assist us.   It was to be yourstay.comís way or no way!

Given the way we were treated, we were now fearful for our safety.   As a last resort, we contacted the US Embassy in London regarding the situation, and spoke to Brian Bolton, Vice Consul.   Mr. Bolton spoke to yourstay.comís office to discuss the situation, in an attempt to defuse a potentially volatile situation.   Soon thereafter, my wife spoke to Raz and we compromised that we would move back to the Docklands Wednesday morning.   We moved back, being further inconvenienced by having to wake up early that morning and losing precious touring time.

Yourstay.com and its staff made our vacation unnecessarily difficult and unpleasant.   In traveling back and forth between apartments, arguing with the staff about all the abovementioned issues, and having to make additional calls for help, we lost the equivalent of at least two daysí time, not to mention all the aggravation that that was caused.
I have told my friends and colleagues never to book an apartment with this company in any of its locations.

The following YourStay comment was received by e-mail on 27-April-2004:

I can only say that I am grateful to all of you because I almost made a serious mistake.  I booked an apartment from yourstay.com on April 15 for our family's trip to England (in celebration of my son's graduation) in June.   I found it odd that "Raz" answered the phone himself and refused to give me confirmation number after I had unfortunately provided him my credit card information.  
 I then did some more research and came across this site and the "travelsucks.com" sites.  I called Raz back and asked him for references and shared my concerns.  Instead of reassuring me, his response was that he didn't need my business but would send me hundreds of references.   I wrote him by e-mail asking for my confirmation number and for references in the US.   Nothing arrived.  I then wrote to cancel my reservation, and called my credit card company to stop him from charging my account.  I learned the only way to do that was to cancel my card.   By then I was so alarmed by Raz's attitude that I figured something was not right so I cancelled my card.  I wrote him asking for a cancellation confirmation number and I received several abusive e-mails threatening to sue me and demanding my address.

The author included emails which she identified as ones received from Raz.   In these messages the writer refuses to provide references, but does threaten a lawsuit.   (Evidently asking a business for references, and canceling a reservation when that request is refused, can sometimes be construed as libelous action.)

The following YourStay comment was received by e-mail on 14-April-2004:
Our experience was a total catastrophe.    To begin with, the people we were dealing with attempted to take our deposit more than once, and then attempted to get the full amount in advance.    Later, when the time for the full payment was coming due, they took additional deposits without informing us, and then took the full amount.   
The rate at which they were extracting money was such that we were forced to cancel our credit card to prevent them from charging any more.    Then, once they had our money, we were informed that the flat that we had reserved had become unavailable.    We were offered alternatives, the least expensive of which was double the rate we had contracted for.    We then requested our money back, and had some serious difficulty getting it, including e-mail exchanges that became dangerously close to libelous.

The following YourStay comment was received by e-mail on 18-March-2004:

This is one of the most informative websites I've come across in a long time.    I am in the process of booking a hotel/apartment in London for a family friend and his family, and came across yourstay.com.    I was so impressed by their website that I went ahead and enquired about some of their properties.  
One thing I couldn't find on their website was the address of any of their properties, so I decided to have a look on [search engine] to find more information, and that is where I came across your website.    We need more consumer protection against fraudulent companies like this, and warning potential customers about them is a step closer to achieving that.
Thank you!

The following YourStay comment was received by e-mail on 04-March-2004:
When we arrived at our apartment location in London I contacted Yourstay and asked that the key be delivered.    It was then that I was told that our original booking was unavailable.    I inquired how this could have been possible as I confirmed that reservation not two days earlier.    I was then told there was a "mix up" and that we would have to be relocated.   
We decided that was not acceptable and I said as such during the call.    The person on the phone said we would then be charged in full for our reservation, since it would be our choice not to stay in the alternate apartment.

We were then offered lodging in a location quite far from the city.   I responded that this was totally unsuitable with our holiday plans.    I was told that was all which was available.    I again stated that their offer was unacceptable, and we would be contacting our credit card as well as the appropriate London Trading Office.   And with that, suddenly a "five star" apartment became available, which was also located closer to the area where we originally expected to be situated.

We then located that apartment and were delivered the key.   The apartment was nothing even close to the expectation of five star lodging.    And a 15 minute inspection of the unit revealed the following:

The refrigerator was not only filthy, but the door was open and it was unplugged from the wall.

The carpets smelled and were in bad need of cleaning.   There was only a settee and a few small chair in the living room.    There were three chairs around the small dining room table.   And this was a unit which we were told could comfortably hold six people.

There was almost no eating utensils or other cutlery.   We finally did locate these items in the dishwasher.    Where they had evidently been placed quite a while ago and had never been cleaned.

Garbage was full to overflowing in several trash containers.

The linen closet had a few bath towels in there which were old and thread bare and could best be used only as rags.

Both bedrooms - and we were told there would be three - did not have fresh linen on the beds.

The shower head in the main bathroom was broken and hanging off the fixture.  There was no shower curtain.

The toilets had not been cleaned and there were stains on the side of the bowl.   The toilet in the ensuite bathroom would only partially flush.

Calls to Raj and Santiago assured us that there was nothing wrong with the apartment.   I answered that our opinion evidently did not agree with theirs, and we were leaving the premises.   I then called our credit card and informed them that I expected that charge for that lodging to be removed from our bill.

We ended up spending one full day of a four day holiday attempting to gain suitable lodging with YourStay.  
This company does not deserve to be in business!!

The following YourStay comment was received by e-mail on 10-February-2004:

When we arrived on Saturday evening, I was very disappointed that we spent that night plus half the day on Sunday cleaning the apartment and trying to get clean linens and towels.   Raz was the man whom I contacted, and he was extremely insulting and continued to scream at me over the telephone.

We had to sleep on sheets that I am quite sure had been slept on by the previous guests.    There was dirty laundry and dirty towels thrown into the boiler closet.    There was no soap, no dishcloth, no cleaning supplies.   I went out and purchased soap, dish soap, disinfectant.   On Sunday, Salvadore came and vacuumed and brought just one set of clean sheets and 4 towels.

Raz is a man who will die of a heart attack screaming at people ...    We would never recommend anyone stay there due to the rude way Raz treats his guests and the way the apartments are kept clean.

The following YourStay comment was received by e-mail on 12-January-2004:
I just want to say thank you to everyone who has told their story on this site.

My husband and I were soooooo close to do business with these horrible people, but wanted to check on the net if we could find any information about the company ...

Now I feel so grateful that we stopped and checked before going into their trap.  However, I feel for you poor people who had to experience these horrible crooks.   From what Mike told us, everything was in order and all we had to do was to pay the deposit.   My sweet Lord, how glad I am we didn't !!!

The most totally galling rental report which does not appear on this site.